Real Life Sex Dolls Free shipping Sex cloth Quality Silicone Doll – 135CM Sasa

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Improves your techniques
A Real Life Sex Dolls is an immaculate device that can be utilized to improve your sexual performance and transform you into a real master. Because the flexibility that it has, you can investigate distinctive styles that you have been continually dreaming about. With the Real Life Sex Dolls for sale, you can figure out which position is the best for you to get the deepest penetration. You can also figure out what position is the best to stimulate your partner. If you, as a rule, suffer from the embarrassing premature ejaculation, you can utilize realistic love doll to get tips on how to last more.
Free to choose from a variety
Utilizing Real Life Sex Dolls gives you add up to freedom to choose from various sorts of dolls that are available in the market. This is on account of they are available in a wide variety and come in various styles. You can buy a doll that has full body features or just parts of the body. Enormous breasts or little, huge booty or whatever other size that you need.

  • Skin material: TPE
  • Internal structure: metal skeleton
  • Bust/waist/hip: 76cm*56cm*77cm
  • Weight: 25kg
  • Height: 135cm (4’5″)
  • Opening: vagina, anal, oral
  • Vagina depth: 17cm
  • anal depths: 16cm
  • Oral depth: 13cm
  • Feet length: 19.5cm
tpe sex doll
tpe sex doll

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