Adult Love Doll Real Silicon Doll Solid Doll – 165 CM Misala


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In case you’re utilizing a non-permeable toy, then once you give it a decent cleaning, it’s really spotless and safe to utilize again and possibly even share. There are a couple of various choices for toy cleaning. You can wipe down/wash your Solid Doll with cleanser and warm water or utilize a 10% dye/90%water arrangement. In case you’re washing a toy with a ton of surface or a vibrator with catches and so on. If your Solid Doll doesn’t have a connected engine and is made of silicone, you can likewise bubble it or run it through your dishwasher cycle (no cleanser.) You can use conceivably bubble/dish-wash glass or metal as well, yet take mind as both hold temperature and can likewise scratch or chip if not handled precisely.

Utilize the Right Lube

Regardless of the possibility that you’re utilizing safe, non-permeable toy materials, you can in any case conceivably get yeast diseases in case you’re utilizing the wrong lube. A considerable measure of drugstore, “standard” ointments contain glycerin, which is disturbing to many people. Search for lubes that say glycerin free, and check the fixings.

  • Internal structure: metal skeleton
  • Bust/waist/hip: 86cm*55cm*85cm
  • Weight: 34kg
  • Height: 165cm (5’5″)
  • Opening: vagina, anal, oral
  • Vagina depth: 18cm
  • anal depths: 17cm
  • Oral depth: 13cm
  • Feet length: 21cm

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